I wish this book had been published when I first started my business

Fit Business - The Book
I wish this book had been published when I first started my business. It would have saved me SO much time. Luke and Peter have combined their business and e-commerce experience with real life experience in the fitness industry to provide a no nonsense, structured approach to setting up a fitness business. Even if you are an established business you will get benefit from this book.

I decided to read Fit Business, and found exactly what I was looking for

Debra T.

Fit Business - The Book

Debra T.

After purchasing the usual round of 'how to' guides for starting a small business,

The content covered was very comprehensive

Ryan F

Fit Business - The Book

Ryan F

The content covered was very comprehensive. Interconnecting apps for labour saving, Learning about apps and programs I had no idea existed.

This course book is refreshingly different. Fit Business is eminently readable.

Fit Business - The Book
Many course books are dry and demotivating because they focus to much on complex theory. This course book is refreshingly different. Fit Business is eminently readable. It is written in a conversational style, with many nuggets of wisdom, along with humorous anecdotes and profound observations. I would recommend this book as a must read to anyone in the fitness industry.

Fit Business – The What, Who & How

The What


The power to transform your business!

This is a 12-week Business Development program to turn your passion into a business. The content has a focus on the Fitness, Health and Wellness industries but is applicable to any small business.

Are you frustrated with your business feeling more like a job than a business?

Program Outline

Week 1 – Make It Your Business, Not Your Job
Week 2 – You Against The System
Week 3 – The System Working For You
Week 4 – Marketing – The Basics
Week 5 – Marketing – Strategies & Tactics
Week 6 – Marketing – Your Web Presence
Week 7 – Marketing – Social Media
Week 8 – Marketing – Search Engine Optimisation
Week 9 – Marketing – In The Real World
Week 10 – Time Management
Week 11 – Money Matters
Week 12 – Empire Building

This online 12-week program allows you to learn with a self-paced, no pressure system.

How to build an Amazing Business.

The Who – Luke Elin

Luke Elin has been described as “The guy you go to to get things done”

He is an internet veteran, successful web entrepreneur and business operator who has had the privilege of lecturing on web design and development to students at major Australian universities. He’s an ideas man who puts thoughts into action.

Since he discovered computers and programming Luke has never looked back. He created his first website as a teenager before there were web designers and has developed that business into one with world-wide connections. As a university student his lecturers asked him to deliver course information on website development.

His clients’ websites are visited by well over 8 million individuals each week. Luke’s internet business experience links with organisations like the BBC where he “led the development of a number of key content changes and implementations, building functionality around data feeds, and working closely with other specialists in the BBC’s online teams”.

His other passion was body building, but that was put on hold as business development took priority over body development. He has now reached a point where his focus has shifted and it is time to give back.

That is the reason for the “Fit Business” website, book and course. Luke has seen many fitness and health business operators struggle and wants to help them reach their goals of helping others while making an income.

The Who – Peter Kenyon

Sometimes you do a lot with life before you find your niche and sometimes you spend your life travelling the path of your niche. Peter Kenyon’s life has involved both.

Peter has a Diploma in Health Science as a nutritionist and qualifications as a personal trainer. His business experience includes developing his personal training business from a home-based and outdoor business to finally operating out of a retail outlet. He has had a long association with the weight loss groups of South East Queensland as their consultant, weight loss manual author, and speaker at their clubs and conventions.

Peter’s current business adapts the same business operating system developed for his personal training business. This system helps to deliver greater returns for the hours worked. Business is about working smarter, not harder. His passion is still the health and fitness of individuals, the community and the nation.

This is the reason he teamed up with Luke Elin; their goals and dreams were too similar to be working apart. They want to help you to develop your business so you may help others and be financially rewarded for your efforts.

When you follow this course you learn to create a business from your job.

The How – 4 Different ways to learn to grow your business

Fit Business – The Course

“What’s the next step after completing your Fitness Course?”

“Do you have the business cards, the uniform and the equipment but lack the clients?”

“Have you read ‘Fit Business’ the book and would like to take your business education to the next level?”

“Fit Business” the course is a real-world Business Development Course for the Fitness Consultant but is applicable and adaptable to other businesses outside the Health Industry. The twelve modules take you, step by step, from the thought of being a sole operator to the realisation you can grow to have employees.

This “How to Start and Grow Your Business” course has over forty years combined knowledge and experience of the two authors. The content gives priority to those activities you need to do for yourself and your business to bring in and retain clients. The objective of the course is to help you stop thinking like an employee and begin thinking like a business person.

Each module has over one hour of audio/visual lectures delivered by the authors to assist you as you work through your “Fit Business” student manual. By completing the tasks of each module, you will begin to develop the systems required for your business.

This power of this self-paced 12-week program will help transform your job into a real business.

Fit Business – The Book

“Do you want to change your existing business into a money machine?”

If you are just starting out in business, do you know what software you may need? How do you go about marketing? How do you calculate how much to charge?

“Fit Business” the book has over 170 pages designed for anyone who has a job or passion they want to turn into a profitable business. If you have the passion this book will give you the business steps you need to develop that passion into a business.

Though the focus is on the Fitness, Health and Wellness industries the content is adaptable to any small business.

Are you ready to change your business for the better?

Fit Business – Audio Book

Some of us are readers, while some of us are listeners and because we all learn differently you can purchase “Fit Business” the book as an audio book.

“Fit Business” audio, read by its author Luke Elin, has over 5 hours of listening content.

Each chapter is a separate recording to make your learning easier. Now you can build your business knowledge while you workout; while you commute; or while you sit relaxing in the coffee shop waiting for your next client.

With “Fit Business” audio there is no down time in your business education.

Fit Business – E-Book

Nothing beats the convenience of a paperless society so now you can download the digital version of “Fit Business” the book and always have your business information at your fingertips on your favourite e-reader.

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