Luke Elin

An Internet veteran and Successful Web Entrepreneur.

Luke Elin is the Director of Ey3 and brings a wealth of knowledge in the computer industry spanning twenty-five years.

He has been described as “The guy you go to to get things done” as he is an ideas man who puts thoughts into action.

He created his first website as a teenager before there were web designers and even before Netscape 1.0 was completed. As a university student his lecturers asked him to deliver course information on website development.

In 1996, Luke founded Ey3 and has developed that business into one with world-wide connections. He has managed numerous high-profile designs, developments and maintenance projects in Australia and internationally.

His enthusiasm has become his trademark as he enjoys the process of creating web sites that make life easier for both customers and business owners.

In 2014 he decided it was time to give something back to the world of commerce and began writing his book “Fit Business”. It was a marriage of his two passions, fitness and business, that has grown from being a handbook for start up personal trainers to a full on-line course for small business owners.

Peter Kenyon

Successful Personal Trainer, Diet Expert and Author.

Sometimes you take the long path to arrive to where you are.

Peter Kenyon has worked as a Crime Scene Investigator with the Queensland Police Service; slipped into the uniform of an Ambulance Officer and even done a stint as your local lawn mower man. He will be the first to tell you the most rewarding jobs were those where you worked with people to help people.

This is what led him to being self-employed since 1996 when he started his first business XtraMile Personal Fitness.

Peter has a Diploma in Health Science as a nutritionist and qualifications as a personal trainer. His business experience includes growing his personal training business from a home-based and outdoor business to operating from a retail outlet.

During that time, he has been a weight loss consultant for weight loss groups in Queensland, a guest speaker at National weight loss conventions and author of weight loss books used by weight loss organisations along the east coast of Australia.

One of the things the years have taught him about business is “You’ve got to work smarter, not harder and you can only do that if you have systems”. His current business adapts the business systems developed in his personal training business so he can generate an income with three client contact hours a day.

Today he wants to work with other business owners so they may achieve the rewards from operating a successful fitness or health business.

The journey continues….

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