Sometimes being in business feels like a drag.  There are other things you’d rather be doing, like going out with your mates, or catching up with your wife.  Many times you stop and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”.  It is at these moments you can answer ….


If you have just completed your personal training course and are just venturing into the fitness industry you have probably discovered they didn’t teach you about running a business. That is what this website is all about. Helping you to develop your business. So let’s get started.

Working for yourself should be fun, after all, isn’t that why you took the plunge, studied and left your job. You were unhappy in your job and thought it was time to do something for yourself?

But all too often running your small business ends up like this. What do you think happens? You started off doing the thing you absolutely love, but that all changed. How do you stop the change and keep the fun?

Just remember what the fun part of your business is. This is the reason you started working for yourself. You love exercising. You love learning. You love helping others. You enjoy watching people hit their goals, change their life. And you feel good being part of that change.

What you don’t like, and no-one told you about this, is the aspects of small business that don’t feel like fun. No clients, chasing clients, no-shows, rainy days, chasing money, having no money, book keeping, marketing … and the list goes on. But let’s forget the doom and gloom and always remember why you are doing what you are doing. But also remember, you have to work for your dream.

In fact, there is a Principle in business, called the Pareto Principle that most of us know as the 80/20 Rule. In a new business, 80% of your time is spent so you can spend 20% of your time working with your clients. There are two things to take away from this. Firstly, you must have your pricing structure correct; and we help you with this on the on-line business course.

You have to have your fees correct because, in a new business, only one fifth of your time is spent working with income generating clients. The other four fifth is working on the systems of your business. Secondly, you have to have the systems of your business in place so you can work efficiently and effectively when you work on the other four fifths of your business. And our business course helps you develop those systems.

This 80/20 rule changes as you improve your business skills, and your business develops. As this happens you will see 80% of your income come from 20% of your clients, but that is a topic we talk about on the course.

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