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12 Week – Business Development Course

For Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologist and Allied Health Professionals

This is your second step in creating a sustainable income and perhaps a business that grows to support the incomes of a number of people. At this point you may be asking yourself two questions:

  1. What was the first step and did I miss it? and
  2. Why is there a need for me to spend more time learning new information?

Your first step, and you may have skipped over this part, was reading the book ‘Fit Business’ to give you an overview of the processes you should establish to build your sustainable business.

Many people who read the book may have taken the information and implemented the processes straight away.The rest of us need a little more assistance to understand the way to implement the processes. This is by no means a reflection upon your business abilities as each of us is at a different position along the business building road.

Why is there a need for you to spend more time learning new information? I have met people who appear to be natural business people just as I have met people who were natural athletes and natural mathematicians. That doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy a game of touch football; feel satisfaction at solving a mathematical problem; or reap the rewards of building a successful business. We just have to work that little harder at it and possibly may require some guidance along the way.

At the time of writing Fit Business book and developing the course there were ten thousand people becoming qualified in the fitness industry in Australia each year. If you work in the industry and if only 50% of these people went into business, even for a short time, that is a lot of competition you have to contend with each year.

Knowing how to be a personal trainer and how to develop a killer exercise program is not enough to stay in business. You also have to know how to be a business and that is how you can work without feeling the threat of competition.

This business development course has been developed for a very personal reason – I want to improve the health of the nation and I can best do that by using my experience and skills as a business developer to help you develop a Fitness or Health and Wellness business. I complete my mission when I help you develop your successful business.

This is your first lesson on this course – “The Power of Leverage” and if you are one of the few people who read introductions then is a bonus for you. You see if I become a personal trainer and start helping my clients I only see a limited number of people in a restricted amount of time. Becoming a personal trainer is not the best use of my abilities to achieve my mission when my expertise is in other fields.

My goal, “To improve the health of the nation”, is best achieved when I can help thousands of trainers, whose goal is to improve the health of their clients, develop successful profitable businesses so they may more effectively and efficiently help people. I can best leverage my time and effort by helping you become successful. That is also how you develop a successful business; learn how to best leverage your time.

This course will be both a duplication and an extension of the Fit Business book and like the book is not about dieting or training because you are already trained in those areas. I will be sharing with you my education and experience I have gained over the years from the business world.

A Bachelor of Information Systems is my formal qualification and helped open the door to website development and assisting businesses develop an internet presence. I have worked with businesses large and small. The BBC Weather ( and the Australian Red Cross ( are two of the larger sites you can visit and check out my work.

My passion for teaching started when I was still a student at university way back in 1998. I had already developed websites for clients before I went to university. My lecturers heard about this and as none of them had much experience with the internet they asked me to lecture the post-graduate students on all matters related to the internet and the business of the internet.

The student being the teacher initially felt strange but I found the whole experience of teaching rewarding and gratifying. So I continue the process in this course.

I look forward to working with you as you grow as a person and business and discover the rewards are greater than the money you receive.

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