“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius …………..

Should you stop your marketing campaign when you have no client spaces left?  It is easy to do.  The feeling of success because your gym is now working at one hundred percent capacity.  You have no space or time for new clients and it is time to relax and put your feet up.  Well, I’m going to tell you to don’t get caught napping.

Confucius was right.  Don’t stop your marketing movement.  Back off a bit to take time for rest and recovery, but don’t fall into the trap of stopping.

It took me a few marketing cycles like this to see the pattern.  Every time my gym reached capacity I stopped marketing, just to free up some time.  Then some clients would leave, as they do and I found my income decreasing.  When this happened, I had to commence my marketing campaign again; and it was hard to start again.  Each time I vowed never to stop my marketing as it was difficult to become motivated to begin again.  After three cycles like this I realised it was better to maintain marketing, even at a slower pace.

In business, it is better that your client cup runneth over.  There is an advantage to having a client waiting list to tap into when others leave.  A thing to consider when you are at capacity and have a waiting list is putting up your prices.

Your business needs a marketing system that gives you a program to automatically follow.  At Fit Business we go on a bit about developing business systems because systems are all you have when you want to sell your business.  Systems help you to understand what you are doing and to teach new staff what to do when you expand.

Read about the systems your business needs in Fit Business the Book.

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